10 Things I Miss About Outessa

I had the opportunity to attend Outessa this past summer, an outdoor women's summit put on by REI. It was an incredible 4-day weekend, filled with adventures, bonding, and a whole lot of fun. I had the opportunity to write about my experience shortly after returning home and often find my thoughts drifting to that weekend, wishing I was still there. In honor of that, and of all things Outessa, I decided to write a list of the things I miss the most. Here they are, in no particular order:

Photo Aug 10, 7 44 15 PM.jpg

1. The Allegro coffee bus. Seriously, can I have one of those follow me around everywhere I go?

2. Wake-up calls and bedtime stories from Steph Jagger, Outessa MC and giver of both sass and life-changing advice. 

3. Endless s'mores and happy hour around the fire, surrounded by incredible women.

4. That look in your eye (yeah, you) when you did something you didn't realize you were capable of. 

5. The soul-searching vibes that had us all digging deep.

6. The sense of community we found in such a short time.

7. Dancing to Beyoncé under a sky filled with stars, screaming out "Who run the world? Girls!" until our voices ran ragged with the sound. 

8. Crying. I know, that sounds weird but bear with me. I cried a lot at Outessa, both with joy and with remembered pain. It was cathartic—a shedding of trauma as much as a shedding of tears—and I felt liberated to share that with a group of strangers-turned-kindred spirits. 

9. Dance parties in the car with Steph, Elena, and Alex!

10. All of you.